From the beginning, in the early 1990’s, our mission has been to grow top quality trees. Roger Hensley started out growing various woody ornamentals for the local trade. As time went by, the nursery moved away from the production of woody ornamentals and started specializing in the production of containerized Leyland cypress (Cupressocyparis leylandii) trees.  As the demand grew for quality Leyland cypress, so did we. In 2003 Rogers son, Jamie, came on board to help with the expanding nursery.  We have grown from just a few acres to over 30 acres of containerized Leyland cypress.

In March 2013 Roger Hensley died from an ongoing illness, leaving behind his loving family and dedicated staff.  Roger leaves behind his virtues of a strong work ethic, honesty and integrity with his son, Jamie, and long time employee/friend, George.  His hard work and perseverance led the way for great things in the past and future still to come. He will be missed but never forgotten moving forward.

We are a family owned and operated wholesale nursery taking pride in growing quality products and look forward to long lasting relationships with our customers.

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